November 10, 2011

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Here is my list of excuses why:

  1. I’ve been super busy.
  2. I just moved across the country.
  3. Currently my right eye is being all weird and irritated and stuff.

That last excuse on the list doesn’t really apply.

Anyways, here’s the update you’ve all been anxiously waiting for. I moved from Dallas, TX to Charlotte, NC and am living with my parents for the next few months. Exciting, right?
Well, it may not sound exciting, but it really is. It really is because I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m in the Lords will, and really, I think that’s pretty dang exciting. I’m expecting Him to surprise me during my time here with His faithfulness and His plans for me, because thats just the kind of guy He is and it’s what He loves to do- provide for His kids.

Currently I am job searching for holiday positions at restaurants and stores, I don’t feel anxious about this at all which is refreshing, because anxiety is my middle name. Just kidding, my middle name is Alexandra.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at my parents out of tune piano, pretending like I know what I’m doing. I’ve also been reading Mindy Kaling’s book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" and laughing my head off because she’s just great. I love funny women. I think we’re all destined to be best friends with each other. Mindy, if you see this, text me and we’ll meet up when I move to California and people watch while secretly wishing we could steal all the chubby kids without going to jail.
Just Kidding.

So, that about sums it up. Nothing super exciting about this update, so sorry! But I’m not really.

Please keep my job search and sanity in your prayers as I begin this interestingly short season of my life. I know it’ll be a good one.

September 26, 2011
Nice To Meet You

My name is Mary. I’m 23 years old. I sing. I dance (terribly). I laugh. I cry. I write. I learn. I love. I listen. I trust.

There’s other things I do as well… but for the sake of time management, this is the list we’ll stick with for now.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve known of God. I grew up in a nurturing Christian home with the best parents a girl could ask for. I remember at the age of 5 kneeling at my bedside making the decision that would change my entire life and I didn’t even know it. My relationship with the Lord has been one of topsy turvy curves and fastballs; it has also been one of consistency, trust, stability and love. Throughout my life I have learned to trust Him through the impossible and the possible, because with the kind of track record we have I’d be stupid to not trust Him by now. But when the unexpected comes, when your plans change and you don’t know what to do next…. trust becomes quite a bit harder.

Fast forward to today. I’ve had one of the most interesting and most challenging years of my life thus far, and the Lord has stuck with me throughout it all. Our relationship has withstood many chaotic situations and I can gladly say that we are more rooted than ever before. This is one of those relationships with “staying power”.

All this to say… I am in the process of the biggest transition of my life thus far. At the beginning of November, I will be moving from Dallas, Texas back to my hometown of Charlotte, NC. I’ll be working (a lot… hopefully), saving money, spending time and living with my parents. Then in January 2012, I will make the move out to Orange County, California to be apart of launching The Movement Church. I met Carey and Meghan Robinson for the first time several years ago at Youth for the Nations and loved them instantly. The Movement Church is a vision the Lord has given them, and I was surprised when He popped the idea of me joining them into my head. With lots of prodding and convincing, I finally knew the Lord was asking me to move to California and I called Meghan. And thats that.

I’m starting this blog to keep everyone up to date with this adventure, what the Lord is doing in my life and what He is doing with the Movement Church. I’m excited and nervous for the next year+ but am fully confident in the Lords plans for my life. 

I’ll be sharing more details on life, love and other mysteries as they come along… false. I just wanted to quote a Point of Grace song there, sorry. What I MEANT is… I’ll be sharing more details on my life and the progress of the Movement Church as it happens. 

I think this is all for now, if you’re anything like me you’ve probably stopped reading and are listening to Point of Grace harmonizing in your mirror. Or not.

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