November 16, 2011

You know how in my last post I mentioned that I wasn’t suffering from anxiety? Well, my circumstances have changed a bit…so… I’m fighting it. Honestly, I feel like such a joke half the time because my emotions/reactions/feelings change so quickly in each circumstance. I feel like the Lord is like “RELAX!!” and I’m all like “I’M GOING INSANE!” and He’s like “YOURE DOING THIS TO YOURSELF!” and I’m like “i know.” All that to say… thats that.

My purpose for this post actually wasn’t to go all stress-haywire (made that up., I actually just wanted to share some of my favorite blogs with all you readers out there (hi Mom). I figure if you enjoy my blog, you’ll probably enjoy these. So sit back, relax, and click away.

Will Work for Cupcakes- this is a blog masterminded by Tasia Holyfield. She and I decided to partner up together for this venture last January. Currently we are in hiatus because, well, both of us are moving to California and I just moved to North Carolina. 

The Girls With Glasses- Because who doesn’t love a girl in glasses?

Lauren Conrad- I adore LC. I mean, she’s always kept it so classy and looks great while doing it. 

The Beauty Department- Another Lauren Conrad blog. Here she teams up with Kristin Ess & Amy Nadine to bring you all things beauty. 

The Concerns of Mindy Kaling- We’ve been over this. You know I love some Mindy.

The Baby Bangs- Two of my closest gal-pals, Taylor Harrison and Ashley Blevins make up the Baby Bangs. They’re freakin hilarious and will soon be writing those SNL comedy sketches you love so much.

Hello Giggles- I’m really sorry if you haven’t gotten to look at this yet. Like, really sorry.

Promise Tangeman- One talented, fashionable lady.

I’m afraid I may have forgotten a few… but this is a good starter list. Take the time to check out all these blogs while your bored at work, that’s what I do!

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